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Dr Nitya

Dr Nitya Mohan Khemka



Dr Nitya Mohan Khemka is Advisor at The Nand and Jeet Khemka Foundation and looks after the Action to Improve Public Scheme Access and Delivery project apart from playing an advisory role in all the initiatives of the Foundation. Prior to this, she worked with the UNDP (India Country Office) and ILO (Geneva, Switzerland). Her research interests span the areas of health economics and development policy, notably topics such as well-being, gender inequality, human development and the decentralization of governance. She is currently an Academic Visitor at the Department of Development Studies at the University of Cambridge.

Nitya holds a PhD. and an M.Phil. in Development Studies from the University of Cambridge, an M.A. in Economics and a B.Sc. in Mathematics from Bangalore University. Her PhD. was on the impact of decentralization of health care systems on women’s access and utilization of reproductive and child health care in rural India.