Neichute Doulo – CEO, Entrepreneurs Associates

Neichute has been impacting lives with his visionary initiative of transforming the Naga society with a focused approach of unleashing the powers of economic empowerment. An authority in the field of entrepreneurship in Nagaland, he has been shaping the way people view entrepreneurship in the state for the last 16 years. He believes that Nagas will have to change the way they perceive entrepreneurship or be overwhelmed by the tide of economic upheavals that are going to come along with globalization.

Neichute taught economics for two years at the undergraduate level between 1998 and 2000, at the Baptist College, Kohima, and has been a guest faculty on Entrepreneurship to many prestigious institutions. He has also been providing leadership and guidance to Entrepreneurs Associates in promoting entrepreneurship and self-employment by making Micro-finance available for micro enterprises and entrepreneurships to over 4000 youths and livelihood opportunities to about 3200 farmers in Nagaland. His works have now spread to the neighboring state of Manipur as well.
His works have received both, state as well as international recognition.

In 2001 he was also the first Naga recipient of the International Ashoka Fellow. Locally, he is a recognized figure of social reformation being the 5th recipient of the Naga Mothers Association Award in 2003 for developing Entrepreneurship in the state. The Chakhesang Youth Front has also given him a Lifetime Achievement Award 2006 for being a Social Entrepreneur and a youth who has immensely contributed to social change in the state.