IKP Centre for Technologies in Public Health

ICTPH is an action-research organization with an aim to demonstrate sustainable and scalable models of healthcare delivery for rural Indian populations.
The framework developed by ICTPH seeks to deliver health outcomes at the population level through a combination of community level monitoring and the provision of continuous care at the local level. In our approach, which has a focus on rural India, a community-based, physician staffed healthcare centre, assisted by a village based Health Extension Worker (HEW), providing the broadest possible range of healthcare services (including dental fillings and scaling, cervical cancer screening, vision screening and dispensation of glasses, and management of chronic diseases) at the primary level, sits at the core of a sustainable model of ‘pro-active’ healthcare delivery.

ICTPH in collaboration with Sughavazhvu Healthcare, a local health care provider in Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu, has rolled out its healthcare delivery model to field-test it and to eventually demonstrate its effectiveness in a rural Indian context. Over a period of time it hopes to work with multiple such field partners across the country including in states such as Orissa and Uttarakhand. ICTPH and Sughavazhvu are also collaborating to develop a full “Managed Care” programme for rural populations, building on their unique primary care delivery model to offer a full-service model of healthcare and financial protection.