Opening Plenary – Scaling for Impact

Opening Plenary – Scaling for Impact

Opening Plenary – Scaling for Impact |

Investments in market based solutions to social problems has traditionally focused on the firm or discrete programs/intervention within the firm. This traditional approach was premised on the view that investment and other support at the firm/intervention level alone would drive scaling.

The reality however, is that in order to scale successful firms/interventions, many barriers beyond the firm, in the eco-system first need to be overcome. The existence of favourable macro conditions (such as the right macroeconomic environment), policies and regulations, public goods, efficient value chains and so on are examples of eco-system conditions necessary to support the scaling of promising firms or interventions.

To overcome eco-system barriers and create the right conditions for scale, critical supports are needed. These include knowhow and skills, flow of capital and talent, tracking of market growth and impact to avoid unintended consequences, and so on.

In this session, Ashish Karamchandani will share Monitor Inclusive Markets’ latest research on addressing eco-system barriers. Ashish will then moderate a discussion with leaders from the Ford Foundation, Gates Foundation and TBD where panelists will share their experience with addressing eco-system barriers to scale solutions to social problems