Beas Dev Ralhan – Co-Founder & CEO, Next Education Pvt. Ltd

Beas Dev Ralhan is Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of the Hyderabad-based Next Education Pvt. Ltd (established in 2007). It is a digital education technology company which provides ICT (information and communication technology) solutions (TeachNext, NextERP) to over 6,000 schools in which over 6 million students use one or more of its products (LearnNext, NextLab, Next Learning Centres.)
An alumnus of IIT-Bombay and London Business School, prior to taking charge of Next Education as Co-Founder/CEO, Ralhan acquired invaluable experience as a serial entrepreneur and consultant in the US, UK and Gibraltar where he was actively involved with the promotion of several India-focused e-commerce ventures such as, and PartyGaming. He enjoys reading books that cover any aspect of business management and magic realism.