Santosh Bhat – Lead Digital Sales, [24]7 Inc; and Co-founder, SNeH Eldercare

Santosh Bhat has been in leadership roles in the area of analytics and marketing. Over the last 15 years, he has worked in several functions in marketing such as Digital marketing and strategy, Customer Privacy, CRM and database marketing, and business operations.
Santosh has worked with both big multinationals like General Motors and Microsoft, and startups such as Marketics and [24]7 Inc. He was instrumental in setting up the analytics practice at Microsoft India. In his current role at [24]7 Inc, he’s leading the digital sales business wherein he is combining the power of real time, big data analytics with online marketing practices. He has a hands-on experience of both worlds in analytics – Developing the models and deploying them in real life scenarios. Apart from this, he’s co-founded a proactive health monitoring company called SNeH Eldercare that focusses on providing end-to-end solutions for home healthcare, Geriatrics and Infirm.
Santosh is a Mechanical Engineer with a post graduate degree in engineering management from University of Missouri, USA. He has two children and his family is based out of Mumbai. He is a long distance runner – you can spot him running 25-30 km on a Sunday at Marine drive in Mumbai. He also likes to be out in the wild often hiking mountains.