Sumita Ghose – Founder and Managing Director, Rangsutra

Sumita Ghose is the founder and managing director of Rangsutra, a social enterprise which seeks to bring about socio economic development and inclusive growth in rural India by engaging both: the community and the market.

Rangsutra is owned by 1800 rural artisans- most of whom are women. Other owners are like minded organizations and people committed to ensuring sustainable livelihoods for rural artisans in India. Rangsutra provides design, marketing, technical and organizational support needed to make crafts and allied rural industries into viable enterprises, so that they provide regular home / village based employment to 3500 rural artisans.

Prior to setting up Rangsutra, Sumita lived and worked in different parts of rural India for many years– mostly in Western Rajasthan with the URMUL Trust, working with rural communities for social change and economic development.

Sumita has a Masters Degree in Economics from Mumbai University. She was a Fulbright scholar in the United States, where she completed a Masters Degree in Conflict Resolution. Sumita has also been a recipient of the MacArthur Fellowship for Leadership, is among the first batch of the Aspen India Fellows, and most recently selected as a Synergos Global Fellow, 2012.