AIPAD Introduction

In the contemporary society, problems that people face are complex and Government has to undertake a wide gamut of development activities. In such a scenario, NGOs and Civil Society Organizations can act a strong support structure to the Government to facilitate effective delivery of services.

In the above mentioned context, ‘The Nand and Jeet Khemka Foundation’ collaborated with the European Union and Nidan to help Government in their gargantuan task. Bihar, which is a densely populated eastern state, has been selected for intervention as it is one of the backward regions in India, with very dismal social and economic statistics. Amongst all the districts of Bihar, Bhagalpur, which is a BRGF district was selected, and 5 blocks namely Kahalgaon, Pirpainti, Shahkund, Jagdishpur and Sanhoulla have been selected for dedicated action.

The intervention has been introduced in Bhagalpur in a project mode titled ‘Project Khemka Rameshwar Lal’ or AIPAD (Action to Improve Public Scheme Access and Delivery) since January 2014. The sole essence of the project is to ensure that the poor and the vulnerable sections of the select blocks of Bhagalpur can have equitable access to all the public schemes related to health and sanitation, education and social security to enhance their wellbeing, with a special focus on improving delivery and accountability mechanisms. In spite of the public schemes being well tailored, there has been a lot of problems on the implementation front. It’s been noticed that most of the poor people are unaware about such schemes, hence they stay out of the ambit of these schemes. Thus, AIPAD will aim towards ensuring that all the people including the poor can access the benefits of the public schemes. The effort will be to work with the Government to increase awareness and uptake of the public schemes in Bhagalpur.

AIPAD is unique because it:

  • Adopts participatory and collaborative approach
  • Focusses on the entire community, including all vulnerable groups
  • Involves wide range of stakeholders at village, block, district and state level

The effort will be to create a responsible and aware citizenry, empower the community to work together with the Government so that the entire community including the poor and the vulnerable can have access to better services for an improved living standard.

AIPAD is a joint effort of the European Union and the ‘Nand and Jeet Khemka Foundation’ (NJKF), with NJKF as the lead partner, ‘Nidan’ an NGO based in Patna as the implementing partner and ‘The Nabha Foundation’ as the training partner. The project will be operational for a span of 4 years (2014-2018), during which a dedicated effort will be made to improve the social and economic parameters of the families living in abject poverty and who are yet to avail of the benefits designed for them in the form of the public schemes and programmes.

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