Social Entrepreneurship

The Nand & Jeet Khemka Foundation aims to significantly advance the profession of social entrepreneurship in India. We believe that social entrepreneurs have a significant impact on poverty alleviation and promote inclusive growth.

Social entrepreneurs are innovators and pragmatic visionaries who tackle the challenges of poverty, marginalization and other pressing social crises (such as health, education, environment, livelihoods, human rights etc.) through the development and delivery of new products and services. Social entrepreneurs provide high quality products and services at low cost to the bottom of the pyramid.

The Khemka Forum on Social Entrepreneurship

The Khemka Forum on Social Entrepreneurship (KFSE) hosts India’s most influential social entrepreneurs, thought leaders, philanthropists, investors, academics, government and media representatives, who meet under its big tent to collectively advance the agenda of social entrepreneurship in the country.
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Social Entrepreneur of the Year

In the past, The Nand & Jeet Khemka Foundation worked with The Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship to select India’s Social Entrepreneur Of The Year. Each year, three finalists were chosen following an intensive search and selection process conducted by the Khemka Foundation. This included expert reviews, interviews and site visits.
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India NGO Awards

Launched in 2006, the India NGO Awards was instituted by the Resource Alliance and The Nand & Jeet Khemka Foundation. The award aims to promote the financial and organizational sustainability of civil society and strengthen community support for its work. The Awards focus on professional management, innovation in and diversity of local resource mobilization and the effectiveness of the programs in positively impacting the lives of the communities they work with.
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